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Video: John Oliver explains net neutrality, and what you can do next

June 8, 2014

Video: Net neutrality, on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”

As a communication consultant, I depend on the Internet to do research, market my services to clients and share information. As a citizen, I want the Internet to remain a level playing field.

The corporate interests that want to tilt the balance in their favor will become more and more aggressive in their efforts over time.

Comedian and host John Oliver discusses net neutrality, and the latest threat to it in this important 13-minute video.

Net neutrality means that all data is treated equally on the Internet, that no company or service is held back (or given priority). I pay a local cable company monthly for my Internet service, my lifeline to the outside world, with very few alternatives. Fellow Birmingham-area residents know this plight, as cable companies have territorial monopolies in the metropolitan region.

Please watch the video, then leave a comment on the FCC site at (The open comment period for net neutrality runs through June 27.)

Let’s ensure that the Internet — which helps all of us connect, learn and grow — remains open and free.

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