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The best customer service on social media is often mundane

June 2, 2014

Answering questions is a big part of my job. But my friend and frequent collaborator Jen Barnett turned it into artistry.

She managed the daily business of her retail company’s Facebook page. This required some significant time, as Freshfully has more than 15,000 fans for its grocery store.

What impressed me early on was her patience in answering routine questions multiple times a day. The two most asked questions in the comments were:

  • What hours are you open?
  • Where are you located?

Both answers were on the page, but she answered each one every time with a smile. (I would’ve lost my mind.)

Jen took the smart approach, because while the answers were dull and easy to find, she wanted to ensure her customers knew this vital info. She had no idea if the asker was a busy mom between errands looking to squeeze in a grocery run before taking her kids home.

She armed each person with the info they needed to stop by and purchase a few things.

Great customer service on social media is rarely flashy. It involves the most basic of interactions, questions and answers. Jen showed consistency and attentiveness in answering those two questions again and again and again.

Listening carefully to customers and responding with a smile ensures terrific customer service.

Part of the 2014 BBA yearlong blogging challenge.

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