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Frequently Asked Questions

• What’s a blog? [top]

A blog, short for weblog, is a simplified way to get your information online quickly. Whether it’s a story, a video, a slideshow, or anything you create, it’s far easier than building a Web site and pages from scratch.

You can use a blog for fun, or for business. You’re limited only by your time and your imagination.

• How can you make a living at blogging? [top]

It really depends on what your goal is. Do you want to sell your products? Establish yourself as an expert? Connect with people who share your interests? Show off your portfolio?

You can use a blog to keep people up to date with your ideas, questions, goods and services, business, community and so much more. We can help you reach that goal, to make it rewarding as well as fun.

We offer tips regularly on our blog.

• What do you offer? [top]

The Birmingham Blogging Academy offers specialized training in blogging. This includes getting you started on defining your goal, setting up your site, developing content and marketing your brand.

We also offer consulting and custom training for your company or organization. If you need in-house training for one or 100 employees, turn to us.

• How can I keep up with your latest news? [top]

You have two options:

Note: Your e-mail addresses are perfectly safe with us. We won’t sell them, nor will we bombard you with e-mails.

• Where is your campus? [top]

We offer training throughout the year at various locations around Birmingham, Ala. We keep costs down by going “virtual” and forgoing rented office and classroom space. See our course listing for more information.

• Who are your instructors? [top]

You can meet them on their bio page.

• Can’t I learn all this online? [top]

Absolutely. We learned much of it the same way, as well as through hard-won experience. But we can get you to your goal faster with our personalized approach.

• What kinds of payment do you accept for seminars? [top]

We accept payment exclusively through Paypal.

• Do you have walk-in registration for seminars? [top]

In order to prepare adequate handouts for class, we need to know class size in advance, so we don’t allow walk-in registration.

• What is your cancellation policy for seminars? [top]

We do not offer refunds if you are unable to attend class for any reason. However, if you wish to attend a future academy seminar, your payment will be credited toward that tuition fee.

• What is your double-your-money-back guarantee for seminars? [top]

We believe in our work and hold ourselves to high standards. However, if, after attending your entire seminar, you are not completely satisfied with our work for any reason, you can request a double-your-money-back refund within 30 days of your class date.

Still need answers? Contact us.

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