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The fight for media attention

June 16, 2014

Media coverage can be important to a marketing plan. It can make or break a product launch or a sales campaign.

And sometimes, the media can play unfairly, demanding pay for play or allowing business interests to override editorial decisions. I discussed how the Birmingham Business Journal banned coverage of my company Y’all Connect in a recent post.

But marketers have proven tactics to fight back. Just because a newspaper or a TV station or a website behaves badly doesn’t mean we have to.

1. Publish media releases on a regular basis. The once-a-year release isn’t worth it. I’ve heard the argument that the media release is dead, and I’m not buying it. I put out a bulletin for assignment editors on Friday to alert them to our Y’all Connect conference, and we had coverage on two newscasts that evening.

Part of that comes from regular contact with editors and reporters, having a relationship already in place. Most media releases won’t earn coverage, but this is where to begin.

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2. Cultivate relationships with (fellow) bloggers. Bloggers love to write about great brands and products. Bloggers need good ideas. Bloggers reach passionate engaged audiences. But many companies haven’t the faintest idea how to work with this global community.

Marketers should be reading relevant blogs daily, leaving appropriate and helpful comments as necessary. They should contact bloggers with ideas, suggestions and questions. I’ve been fortunate to receive terrific coverage, not just from traditional media, but also from fellow bloggers.

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3. Outsource. Busy marketers may not have time to do it all themselves. They may need help with campaigns, ad buys, blogging, social media, event planning and a million other details.

Companies can bring in ad agencies, brand specialists, public relations professionals, social media experts, freelance writers and editors, event planners and other creatives who can execute plans quickly and smoothly. Bring in a big gun to win media attention.

Hire me: I work with marketers to develop the best strategy.

I never thought I’d have to work under the constraints of a media ban. It’s not an ideal situation, but by working all year long on gaining coverage, even one outlet’s shortsightedness can’t stop my message.

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