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About Us

Be a Power Blogger. We’ll show you how.

The Birmingham Blogging Academy began in 2009 as a resource for blog owners and fans to learn more about the art and science of blogging.

Birmingham Blogging AcademyWade Kwon, academy founder, says, “I love blogging, and I wanted me and my friends to share our lives, our ideas, and our knowledge online.”

If you’re an experienced blogger looking to enhance your approach, or if you’re a curious newbie who want to try it out, we can help. It starts with your goal and your style and can grow into a successful tool for marketing, communicating and networking.

We offer courses throughout the year in Birmingham, Ala., as well as custom training for your company or organization. With more than 100 million blogs out there, we want yours to stand out. Let us show you how.

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