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Clark Kent, mild-mannered blogger

November 5, 2012

Clark Kent, Superman

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superblogger?!

Daily Planet readers won’t be seeing Clark Kent’s byline in the paper any more. The mild-mannered reporter quit the newspaper to start an online news site. (Why does Superman even have a day job? Isn’t fighting Lex Luthor and saving school buses already a full-time job?)

Clark already outshone other reporters (except Lois Lane) with his fast typing and great spelling, but he’ll need all of his superpowers to survive in the blogosphere.

But I can help his traffic and his revenue go up, up and away. I can guide him into being a Superblogger.

1. Stand for something. The best way to stand out among millions of sites is to have a distinct point of view. Superman stands for truth, justice and the American way. A little something for the blue states, a little something for the red states.

• What does your blog stand for?

2. Blog with X-ray vision. Clark became a great reporter because he saw through people (literally) and kept looking for the facts in a complex issue. He’ll need to provide insights and analysis the Daily Planet stopped doing out of fear of displeasing readers.

• What analysis can you provide for your market that builds credibility and readership?

Batman: Print is dead!3. Be bulletproof. Shots bounce right off him, as do guns (they always throw the gun). He’ll need that thick Kryptonian skin when blogging. Trolls and spammers will pound him mercilessly in the comments. Jealous competitors, including his former Planet colleagues, will taunt him on Twitter. Fox News will try to get him deported as an illegal alien.

Clark the blogger must be prepared not only for the villains plotting his demise but also for the constant interaction in feeding and promoting a news site. Not all of that interaction will be friendly, but a superblogger must fly above it.

• What comment moderation tools do you have in place to reward good commenters and flag bad ones?

You don’t have to have superpowers to be a superblogger. But superbloggers know they can triumph through personality, analytical skills and perseverance.

Clark Kent has never shied away from a fight, even when the odds were against him.

You will believe a man can blog.

• • •

Is your blog too mild in manner?
Contact me today so I can help make it super.

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