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The perfect scheduling assistant for busy bloggers

December 17, 2017


Nudgemail is a wonderful free tool to set reminders for yourself. And it’s really easy to use.

Send an email to with the subject “Tomorrow” or “December24” or “nextweek.” The body of the email can be whatever you want, such as a note to pick up the dry cleaning, or to follow up on a call.

The service auto-emails you on the date you picked.

This turns out to be a great way to save ideas and other things for blogging. I’m always on the lookout for material for certain blog posts: holidays, events, conferences and so on.

If I want to write a blog post about a conference in March, I’ll probably aim for publishing in early February. I could create a draft post and save it for the next 2 months, but I still might forget to finish and publish it.

But if I send myself a Nudgemail for Jan. 25, I can be ready to go at the right time.

When I stumble across a great post or video related to Halloween, I don’t want to share it in December. So I’ll write a quick Nudgemail with the video link and time it for Oct. 24.

I can use it to remind myself to check on the status of a guest post, alert other bloggers of system downtime or check if the last part of someone else’s series has been posted.

Sure, I could use a document for saving ideas, or a note on my calendar or to-do list. But since I try to keep those areas relatively simple, I think Nudgemail is the perfect alternative. Set it and forget it. I check my email at least once a day, so I will see any note I send myself.

A few tips on using Nudgemail:

  • When specifying the delivery date in the subject, don’t use spaces. “Dec28” and “december28” will work, but “December 28” will not.
  • The date can also be part of the email address: Send to or
  • Don’t send attachments: They won’t come back (which sent me scrambling when I had already deleted the document weeks earlier).
  • If a client asks me to follow up in 2 months, I’ll reply and also BCC to
  • It’s a great way to send reminders to yourself when you’re at an off-site meeting and need to take action once you get back to the office. Send an email from your phone to
  • Set up your app to flag any emails from as high priority, so they won’t get lost with all your other messages.

The service has a FAQ page that’s well worth your 5 minutes.

I’ve found emails to myself from a year ago that keep me on track today for my blogging. Once you start using Nudgemail, you’ll wonder how you got by before.

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