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The 2014 BBA yearlong blogging challenge

December 30, 2013


Photo: Alexandre Dulaunoy (CC)

The 2014 BBA yearlong blogging challengeSome of you are caught in a gap.

You have a blog on your company site, but you don’t know how to fill it. You don’t have the time to brainstorm, but you want to put your brand out there in Internet land.

The 2014 BBA yearlong blogging challenge can help you. [Download as a PDF.]

Look to this list of ideas for a new blog post every Monday. Some are short and easy to write. Others will take planning and production.

Creating a new blog post a week will help you …

  1. Understand your brand better;
  2. Stretch as a blogger;
  3. And have fun!

No matter what type of company or products or services or target audience, this list of ideas can help you think more deeply about your customers’ needs and your brand’s hidden identity.

Happy blogging in 2014!

The 2014 BBA yearlong blogging challenge

  • Jan. 6: What to expect from your company in 2014; include offers to subscribe to newsletter or follow on social media.
  • Jan. 13: Profile a team member who works directly with customers.
  • Jan. 20: Today is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service; how have your company and your colleagues participated in community service?
  • Jan. 27: Super Bowl ads cost $4 million for 30 seconds of airtime (not counting production costs). What would you tell a billion people about your company in 30 seconds?
  • Feb. 3: Take your most popular product or service, and illustrate how it has evolved over the years (or why it has remained unchanged).
  • Feb. 10: In honor of Valentine’s Day, send a love letter to your customers and fans.
  • Feb. 17: Profile an intern or the newest employee.
  • Feb. 24: Show how your company has solved a problem recently for a customer.
  • March 3: In like a lion … How has your company outpaced your competitors?
  • March 10: Profile a longtime customer.
  • March 17: Spring means a new start. Offer a free trial to new customers.
  • March 24: What events — trade shows, grand openings, focus groups, community events — will your company take part in?
  • March 31: Out like a lamb … What is the biggest challenge your company is working to solve?
  • April 7: What is the top mistake your customers make, and how can they avoid it?
  • April 14: Set out some Easter eggs: What are the aspects people find most surprising about your company?
  • April 21: Profile a team member in sales or marketing.
  • April 28: Post five YouTube videos that will help customers understand your industry better.
  • May 5: Q&A with 10 colleagues asking the same question focused on customer issues.
  • May 12: How did your company get started? What are its roots in the community?
  • May 19: Profile the team member who has served the longest at the company.
  • May 26: PowerPoint theater: Post an insider slideshow that reveals interesting info about your company; backup plan: search SlideShare for decks that help your particular customers.
  • June 2: Share a story of how a colleague has gone the extra mile for someone.
  • June 9: Put together a list of linked resources for fans and customers. Bonus points if you link to competitors.
  • June 16: Summer reading: five must-read books that will make your readers smarter about your industry.
  • June 23: Blue sky thinking: Where will your company be in 10 years?
  • June 30: Today is Social Media Day: Show off your biggest fans in each channel.
  • July 7: It’s too hot outside. What are the coolest things about your company?
  • July 14: Share a white paper in PDF form that offers short-term and long-term solutions for your target audiences.
  • July 21: Profile your human resources director.
  • July 28: Write a “help wanted” ad for your ideal customer.
  • Aug. 4: Use photos or a video to give a tour of your company.
  • Aug. 11: Back-to-school time: Educate your fans on your services and your prices.
  • Aug. 18: Profile a management team member.
  • Aug. 25: Share testimonials, questions and complaints from customers’ emails. (Get their permission first.)
  • Sept. 1: Offer a prize to the reader who answers the most questions correctly about company trivia.
  • Sept. 8: Profile a new customer.
  • Sept. 15: What is your company culture? Its mission?
  • Sept. 22: Autumn means change. Ask readers what one thing they would change about your company.
  • Sept. 29: Create a screencast that guides visitors through your company website and blog.
  • Oct. 6: Then and now: Use photos to show your company at the beginning and in 2014. Bonus points if you use a list to show more figures from then and now (number of employees, revenue, etc.).
  • Oct. 13: List job openings at your company.
  • Oct. 20: Profile your CEO.
  • Oct. 27: Tricks and treats: Show off your best tricks for helping customers solve problems; offer treats for their best tips.
  • Nov. 3: Give a sneak peek at new products in development.
  • Nov. 10: Embed tweets of questions related to your company, products or industry. Then, answer them.
  • Nov. 17: Profile a colleague in accounting or finances.
  • Nov. 24: Show thanks for your customers, your team members, your vendors and others who have helped build your business.
  • Dec. 1: Create an infographic with your keenest industry insights.
  • Dec. 8: Profile your toughest critic.
  • Dec. 15: Give a “how to” for your product or service.
  • Dec. 22: Share your company Christmas card.
  • Dec. 29: Offer resolutions to help your customers grow in 2015.

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