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Video crash course in metrics

April 28, 2014

chocolate pie chart

Photo: Dan Dickinson (CC)

Marketing tactics vary by company, by season, by target audience. How do we even know if they’re working?


Of course, many marketing directors launch campaign after campaign with no idea on if they’re even working. How many people saw it? What did they do, if anything? How do we even measure that?


The five videos below will help explain metrics, what to measure and how to set up a system to capture and interpret that data. Viewers can learn at their own pace and review material as many times as needed.

Love numbers, because they will help guide marketers to better tactics and more receptive audiences.

Video: Using metrics, featuring Martin Klubeck and Tim Chester

Video: How to Build a Company Metrics Dashboard, by Ash Maurya

Video: Advanced metrics, by MicroStrategy


Video: Metrics, Metrics Everywhere, by Coda Hale

Video: Startup metrics for pirates, by Dave McClure

Part of the 2014 BBA yearlong blogging challenge.

See more posts from the series.

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