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Make your events winners through consistency

March 31, 2014

registration desk

Photo: Official GDC (CC)

I preach consistency. I consistently preach consistency.

It is the one method you can use to make your blog, your newsletter, your social media and even your events better than those of your competitors.

Your company might use events for building awareness, or generating leads, or researching the market. Events can be great for reinforcing the brand and maintaining good ties with clients.

I’ve seen organizations execute events sharply, delivering on the promise of education, networking or plain old fun. I’ve served as event planner for years with different groups, in addition to taking in my fair share of seminars, conferences, receptions and happy hours.

Events are challenging. They require intense focus on the guests and management of a thousand details.

The way to outmaneuver the many competing events is through consistency.

That can include, but is not limited to …

  • Reminders: Busy people forget events, even ones for which they paid. Send a reminder or two.
  • Timing: day of the week/month, time of day, time of year.
  • Timing, part 2: Start on time. Let the stragglers catch up — don’t punish those who were punctual.
  • Registration: friendly and swift, with clearly delineated check-in areas.
  • Signage: Help guests help themselves with simple navigation. Plus, an opportunity for branding.
  • Greeters: I learned this secret early on: Everything else can go wrong, but you have full control over hospitality. It can make or break an event.
  • Speaker: Arm them with information ahead of time: Who will introduce them? How much time will they have? What is the audience’s profile?
  • A/V: When possible, make sure your announcer has a microphone; it’s tough to be heard in noisy venues. Check ahead of time to ensure lighting, projection, computer, remote and other equipment works smoothly and effortlessly.
  • Vendors: Check in regularly with caterers, sponsors and partners with updates, questions and reminders.
  • Presentation: When in doubt, script it. This gives you a foolproof way to cover all announcements, sponsor mentions, complete speaker introduction and welcome message.
  • Follow-up: Thank your guests, and let them know how they can give feedback and sign up for the next event.

(If you need help with all these details, consider hiring an event planner. They love this stuff and can even help save money and eliminate headaches.)

Consistent events build trust among clients. That trust leads to sales and satisfaction. Work hard to build that trust with each outing.

• • •

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