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Smart ways to use (up to) 280 characters on Twitter

November 19, 2017

Hi, I still use Twitter. Every day.

I don’t expect people to come rushing to this social network just because it added 140 more characters to its updates. But I hope Twitterers will pay closer attention to constructing tweets for maximum readability.

That’s why I’ve provided a few ideas on using the 280-character limit to stand out.

Because I share so many links, I like to give a sufficiently in-depth preview so followers can save time if they don’t want to click. I spend a few minutes pulling the talking points out of the story, or even a notable quote.

It’s definitely a better way to tag relevant users, such as YouTube users featured in my weekly Birmingham video roundup.

I’ve shared at least one 140-character recipe, so I hope to see a few tweeted recipes soon. (Funny how those quickie cooking videos that were all the rage on Facebook in 2016 never made an impression on Twitter.)

I definitely did not consider online gaming, but here ya go.

I find Twitter deeply weird and funny and often irritating (thanks to the political climate), but still a place to play and communicate and interact. I prefer to tweet with as much brevity as possible, but the temptation to share a little more info is always calling me.

At least this aquarium has stuck to its 140-character guns …

See more examples on my recent weekly Twitter log.

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