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30 Twitter tips hath September: Add photos with Twitpic

September 30, 2009

In September, we’re offering a Twitter tip a day. Send us your thoughts and suggestions.

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Day 28: Show, don’t tell. With Twitpic,
a tweet is worth a thousand words.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Like to shoot photos with your phone? Or have photos on your hard drive the world needs to see. Try Twitpic, which allows easy uploading (via its site or a program such as Tweetdeck) and e-mailing.Then, it helpfully:

  • provides a short URL;
  • keeps all your photos together under your Twitter account;
  • provides HTML to post a photo on your site or blog;
  • and even shows how many views each pic has received.

Its integration into Tweetdeck and Power Twitter make it easy to see what photos and screenshots your friends are tweeting. Check out the latest photos from my Twitpic account.

And it costs nothing!

So show your Twitter friends the world around you. Snap a pic and tweet it out with Twitpic!

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30 Twitter tips hath September

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