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30 Twitter tips hath September: Ask for info with Twtpoll

September 27, 2009

In September, we’re offering a Twitter tip a day. Send us your thoughts and suggestions.

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Day 27: Asking for info is easier
with a special poll like Twtpoll.


Developers have done a great job of coming up with useful Twitter-related apps. One I’ve used (and will use again) is Twtpoll, an easy-to-use polling service.

All you need to do is log in via your Twitter account, then configure your poll as you like. When you tweet out the question and short link, followers can vote on the Twtpoll site. (A nice option allows you to embed the poll question, results or both on your own site, but unfortunately, not on a site like this one.)

It makes it easy to put out quick polls in the field, with short retweetable tweets. And such interesting polling options, from standard multiple choice to ranking/rating photos and Twitterers.

The only caveat: The fewer followers you have, the less data you’ll get (not that this is scientific by any means).

But if you need to take a pulse or grab some quick market research, give Twtpoll a whirl.

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30 Twitter tips hath September

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