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Are we making enough time for writing?

November 26, 2017


Photo: Walt Stoneburner (CC)

I’ve made more time for reading over the last few years. Why haven’t I made more time for writing?

I don’t love the writing process. I love being done with writing. It takes some effort on my part to get going: right mood, right topic, right amount of time.

I’ve put off writing back to a friend for 4 months, even though a thoughtful letter takes about 20 to 30 minutes for me. I often write posts and newsletters on deadline.

But reading I attack joyously. I tear through books, Facebook posts, articles, long articles, really long articles, audiobooks, comic books, email, Twitter threads and more every day.

I do need to make more time available for writing, even for fun. Time spent writing is a good investment: It hones my craft. It gives me a creative outlet. It uses important parts of my brain.

And it helps me stand out as a professional and a person.

Something for me to consider for 2018. And hopefully, for you, too.

Good writing doesn’t just happen. It takes work and effort.

But mostly, it takes time.

Let’s make more time for it.

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