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Weird but fun places to blog

October 2, 2017

Space Needle

Photo: Oran Viriyincy (CC)

People blog in the weirdest places.

They probably wouldn’t even call it blogging. But it is, even if few recognize the genre.

A friend of mine evacuating Florida with his family (and a neighbor family in tow) took time out from driving for hours to update all of us on Facebook. He wrote long posts, he answered questions, he received Likes and comments.

He’s blogged before, but has moved on given the limits of his schedule. Still, a lot of people found themselves reading his ad hoc posts from the road.

You blog where you feel like it.

Certainly many Twitter users have composed threads (complete with photos, links and videos) that — when combined — make for a … blog post. I liken it to a Tumblr post chopped into so many pieces.

You blog where you feel like it.

I’ve seen long essays contained in one or more screenshots, then shared on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. That’s a blog post, too, albeit one that’s not searchable.

You blog where you feel like it.

When users string together photos and videos (really short ones) into Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories, guess what? I had Instagram power user Russell Hooks document August’s Y’all Connect conference on our Instagram channel, and naturally, he put together a great Story with glimpses of the day.

I would count that as a blog post, one that I would’ve stumbled over trying to film and share it.

You blog where you feel like it.

These corners of the Internet are worth exploring. They open up even more options for companies that want to reach fans and customers in different ways. A lot of corporate blogs are stiff and no fun — but sharing ideas and information through these alternate channels could be the spark badly needed.

Crafting a great message is important. How we deliver it is as well. Let’s take a closer look at those weird spots and understand how we can best infiltrate them.

Where to start blogging right now

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