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The comeback of copywriters

September 11, 2016


Photo: Spiros Vathis (CC)

Writing never goes out of style. (Leave it to a writer to make such a pronouncement.)

I’ve coached writers and bloggers to practice their craft and to work on incremental improvement. It’s not easy. It requires time and a willingness to keep trying.

Good writing brings people to your site, and keeps people on your site. Bad writing repels them quickly.

Writing has become more important again, thanks to Google. In its myriad of factors for search engine optimization, Google puts clear informative prose as one of the most critical to ranking on searches. The searcher must find something useful, engaging or entertaining, or the search engine will rate a site lower.

Tricks such as keyword stuffing and buying backlinks have been ineffective for years. For many users, Google has one sole purpose: Take them to the right site as quickly as possible.

Site content must be unique and well written. It can be short or long. It can link out or not. But it must provide something of value or interest to someone somewhere (not a rambling nonsensical screed against the aliens of Jupiter).

This put copywriters in a great position again. Why take a chance on mediocre copy when we can hire pros to add snappy content to our sites for a reasonable price?

And for those bloggers and publishers focused on top-notch writing all along, congratulations! Keep up the good work.

This comprehensive guide to SEO-friendly copy is a must-read.

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