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Blogging fear: Not knowing where to start

July 31, 2016

index cards

Photo: Sanickels (CC)

I asked for your biggest fears in blogging, and y’all came through.

This week’s fear: “Not knowing where to start, because I have so many things I want to write about. And getting readers.”

(For getting more readers, please see this earlier post with my suggestions.)

I know a lot of bloggers who would love to have this problem. What a great problem to have.

I believe we all have a creative side, though not all of us indulge it. We can share it through artistry, through hobbies (from woodworking to knitting), through our everyday tasks (cooking, yard work, grooming).

Really, the most important thing is to start. Have trouble picking a topic? Write them on slips of paper and draw one out of a hat. Or randomly sort them into a list. But push forward by writing and publishing a great post about that first topic.

Sometimes, the only way to break the paralysis is to stop the procrastinating behavior and start writing. I know, I’ve cleaned the house or mowed the lawn many a time before writing a blog post.

You may find over time that you gravitate toward a narrower set of topics. Or you may go wild with even more ideas, topics and stories.

The worst outcome is that 3 months from now, you still are juggling ideas in your head with nothing to show for it on your blog.

Stop reading this post and go write something and share it with the world. Now.

Tell me about your biggest fear in blogging,
and I might answer it in a future post.

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