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Developing a retail content strategy

July 7, 2014

checkout lines

Photo: David Goehring (CC)

Retailers have time this summer to think ahead to the holidays. Besides inventory and staffing, it may be time to put a content strategy into place.

This will take at least 6 months to gain traction, but why not start now?

A content strategy is part of an overall marketing plan. A retailer may already have other pieces in place: signage, print ads, mailers, commercials, sales, preview parties, billboards, search engine marketing and more. Pieces of content — on a website and blog, on social media channels, in emails — can build search referrals, answer common shopper questions and bring in leads and sales.

The strategy comes from the goal, whether it’s to show off products, improve customer service, increase sales or promote branding. Remember, the goal should be measurable over a specified time period.

The content itself can be practically anything: event photos, how-to videos, case studies, testimonials, store updates, spotlights on customers and colleagues, announcements, sales, product demos, reviews, comparisons, Q&A with vendors, coupons and on and on.

Content deserves a home, and the best spot is usually a website. Content deserves a direction, one that shapes it and expands readership. And content deserves to be measured, so that its quality continues to improve.

Smart retailers can put together compelling content over the next few months that strengthens marketing. By engaging readers and customers, retailers can build a real relationship with them and understand their needs more clearly.

It starts with goals, emerges with a strategy and grows with content.

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