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Your secret bonus Twitter followers

April 9, 2010

I’ve been on Twitter as @WadeOnTweets for a little more than a year and have pulled in 1,849 followers. Not bad for 10,000 tweets and counting.

But beyond my regular followers, I also have a secondary group of fans following my microblogging, thanks to Twitter lists. These lists allow users to organize Twitterers they’d like to track, even if they’re not following them directly.

twitter lists

Twitter lists featuring @WadeOnTweets.

So let me trot out a few numbers …

  • @WadeOnTweets is on 137 lists;
  • 679 Twitterers are following those lists (yes, I counted);
  • That’s an average of 5 followers per list.

In essence, I have more than 2,500 followers on Twitter when you add in the all those list audiences.

Why am I listed so frequently?

  • I share good info.
  • I tweet regularly.
  • I fit into a number of categories: media, Birmingham, social media, conversation, blogging, writing, etc.

Even among the few lists I’ve created, the numbers are notable …

  • I’ve created 7 lists;
  • 43 Twitterers are following them;
  • That’s an average of 6 followers per list.

Don’t get too caught up in the numbers game, but do understand how far your message can travel. By being a good Twitterer and attracting the followers who show you off in their lists, you can reach many more people. In my case, I’m reaching 37 percent more people thanks to Twitter lists.

That means 679 more people who can click my links, retweet my ideas and reply to me.

(And that’s not even counting when those Twitter lists are embedded on Web sites …)

Are you getting listed? Are you making lists?

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