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How I’m using Twitter lists

November 16, 2009


Some of you (plus me) have access to Twitter lists, which Twitter is rolling out slowly to all users for free. (On your main Twitter page, it will show whether your account has been listed by others, and lists you’ve created down the side.)

It’s a new feature that allows you to group Twitterers by any category you want, whether you follow them or not. You can make the lists public or private.

I’ve been playing around with Twitter lists and have come up with a few worth noting:

  • Birmingham-area nonprofit organizations: Because I believe in the good work that these groups do, I thought it would be nice to showcase all of them on one page. Users can easily keep track of fund-raisers, volunteer opportunities and favorite causes.
  • Birmingham-area restaurants: Ya gotta eat, right? Rather than follow dozens (someday hundreds) of restaurants on Twitter, this page shows their current specials and menu items.
  • Birmingham mayoral candidates: The saddest list of all. I’m covering the 2009 special mayoral election on Wade on Birmingham, but I also wanted to track the candidates’ tweets. So far, only Patrick Cooper (@patcoop) and Carole Smitherman (@Smitherman4Bham) have bothered with Twitter, and Cooper hasn’t updated since June. Maybe Twitter isn’t the right tool for reaching Birmingham voters, but with just 3 weeks till Election Day, could a smart candidate galvanize his/her followers quickly using tweets?
  • People who listed Wade: I saw this idea on another Twitterer’s page. This meta-list is a quick way to acknowledge those who are listing me, @WadeOnTweets, even if your list is called “Worst People in the World.”

What are the potential payoffs?

  • Showcase the best of any field in a fairly easy way.
  • Make it easier for you and others to track groups that matter (for instance, setting up a private list with your high-value clients).
  • Gain more followers, and enhance your credibility as a thought leader in specific topic area.

Also: Mashable has even more ways to use Twitter lists.

Tell us about your Twitter lists in the comments.

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