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March for success

February 22, 2010

I am frequently asked: “How do I get started blogging?”

My answer never varies: Take this class. In 6 hours, we’ll show you how to get started blogging and how to make it work with your business. Our next one is March 6, but registration ends March 3. So sign up today!

I am also frequently asked: “How do I get more people to my site?”

And my answer is: Jen can help you. She will work with you on your site to bring relevant traffic to your site with advanced search engine optimization (SEO). Her class is also March 6. Don’t miss out: Sign up today!

(FYI: We originally had this class scheduled for January.)

And if you’re wondering about how SEO works, we’re still taking your questions to answer on the blog.

We hope to see you in class  in a couple of weeks!

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