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No excuses

July 17, 2017

Harry Leslie Smith

Meet Harry. World War II vet. Author. Speaker. Traveler. Podcaster.

At 94, Harry Leslie Smith (shown above) has taken his activism to the Web with a podcast started in April called “Harry’s Last Stand” (after his 2014 book of the same name). He uses his platform to share his political and social beliefs, to rally young voters in Britain to his cause.

Audio: “Harry’s Last Stand: Ep. 7, Austerity has
the blood of Grenfell Tower on its hands”

If a survivor of the Great Depression and the Second World War can take up podcasting, what’s our excuse?

I mean, I hear a lot of excuses from people regularly about why they can’t blog, why they can’t invest in social ads, why they can’t update their website, why they can’t make videos.

I’m tired of their excuses. Heck, I’m tired of my excuses.

Excuses don’t cut it, so let’s stop making them. Let’s instead search for ways to move from ideas to action.

It won’t be easy. It might not always work as planned. It might even … fail.

But we can’t use excuses to sabotage our own communications efforts. Not when the technology is available to all. Not when the costs keep going down. Not when the answers to most of our questions are so easily within reach.

Harry uses technology to reach new audiences, and he already has built-in audiences through his books and his talks. What are we waiting for?

The Globe and Mail: “Why a 94-year-old war veteran
started a podcast to save democracy”

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