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Who’s killing it and where?

May 1, 2017

masked champion

Photo: Jrsnchzhrs (CC)

I’ve asked about your favorite podcasts. Now tell me about everything else you consume media-wise.

Who’s killing it and where?

  • Who = person, animal, inanimate object, brand, hashtag or fictional character.
  • Killing it = you’re following, subscribing, stalking, liking, nodding your head or loving in general.
  • Where = Tumblr, YouTube, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Disqus, news site, Instagram, Pinterest, email blast, LinkedIn, etc.

(Bonus points if it’s related to communications or marketing.)

For example, I recently started following behavioral scientist Caroline O. on Twitter. I had seen quite a few people retweeting @RVAwonk and decided to check out her tweets regularly.

If you’re in need of a cute animal fix, I found a pair of ferrets named Naruto and Boruto on Instagram at @h.n.b2809.

Let me know your picks in the comments. Thanks!

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