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Harnessing Twitter’s power with TweetDeck

February 13, 2017

Companies have written off Twitter for years. But in 2017, it’s back with a vengeance.

Twitter is the home of real-time social media engagement with fans and customers worldwide. The channel can be a challenge to manage, given so many can’t quite figure out what’s going on.

Enter TweetDeck.

This free tool makes life much easier for social media managers, bringing streams of tweets in an organized format. All it takes is some thoughtful customization to keep a company on track with its audience and ahead of its competitors.

Check it out at

Let’s add columns to make TweetDeck do most of the work for us. I’ve put together suggestions in the slides below.

Click any thumbnail to see suggestions at full size.

For Chrome users, two free extensions can enhance the TweetDeck experience: BetterTweetDeck 3 and ColorDeck for TweetDeck.

We can add, delete or fine-tune columns in TweetDeck as needed. The important first step, though, is to set up the right columns to monitor, making Twitter an indispensable tool in our social media marketing.

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