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400 posts and counting

September 27, 2015

Wade Kwon

The clumsily named Birmingham Blogging Academy blog has reached its 400th post! What a day, what a milestone.

I haven’t marked many other milestones here, except for occasional anniversaries. This site’s first post was on March 14, 2009, and I created it to talk about blogging and my company.

Since then, it has grown to include topics on social media, my speaking engagements, marketing, best practices in communication and this and that. It’s really the first site I’ve focused on one specific area.

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I’ve had only one guest blogger all this time, Rachel Callahan, who has been kind enough to write two posts, one on graphics and another on Pinterest statistics. I should really recruit more bloggers, huh …

I’m marking another milestone on my first ever blog, Wade on Birmingham. We’re in the middle of a 26-part series on the Future of Birmingham, which includes an ebook launch, at This special project marks 10 years on that site.

In tossing around statistics, sometimes the most mundane make the biggest impression. A couple of weeks ago, I told my cocktail companion that I had eaten six Pop-Tarts for breakfast that morning (a cheat day). She looked on in disbelief. For the record, they were frosted brown sugar cinnamon (toasted twice and a little burnt) with me adding peanut butter.

I didn’t get there overnight, and clearly 6.5 years for 400 posts isn’t any kind of speed record. It saddens me that most bloggers won’t reach the 400-post mark, in 6 or 60 years. But if blogging is the right vehicle for sales, marketing or customer service, I encourage beginners to go for it.

Thank you to the more than 25,000 visitors to this site! I’m grateful for their time and their comments and their support.

I can’t wait to see what the next 400 chapters bring …

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