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Thankful for …

November 24, 2014

turkey cards

Photo: Vanessa (CC)

I hope you’re getting ready for a day of fun and relaxation and maybe even a little reflection. And eating, of course, mustn’t forget the eating.

I’m thankful every day for good health and many opportunities. Allow me to share a few specifics from my long list of blessings.

  • I’m thankful for my clients, sponsors, supporters and cheerleaders. You bring me new challenges and new ways to serve.
  • I’m thankful to run my own business. It has taught me so many lessons from top to bottom and put my energy and my strategic thinking to the test.
  • I’m thankful to have ideas all the time. I give most away, and make some money on the rest.
  • I’m thankful for the honest and wise counsel of friends. And doubly thankful that I listen carefully when they speak.
  • I’m thankful for the gift of self-doubt. It has kept me honest with myself and humble (mostly).
  • I’m thankful for having traveled far and wide this year to give talks and meet people.
  • I’m thankful for being able to curb my sharp tongue, but also being able to speak up when few others will.
  • I’m thankful for my daily blogging, a never-ending opportunity to be creative and to improve as a writer and a communicator.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Take a moment to reflect on what you’re grateful for, and share it in the comments, please.

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  1. Elaine Witt permalink
    November 24, 2014 9:16 am

    Wade, I am truly thankful for the insights and wise counsel you provide on your blogs – I have no doubt that you mentor many, many people you will never meet. Happy holidays. Elaine


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