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Let’s brainstorm

November 18, 2013


I must confess: I don’t do coffee.

I mean, I do coffees, as in coffee meetups. But I’ll likely have a Diet Coke.

Despite this shortcoming, I’d still like to do coffee with you. Meeting face to face gives me a better sense as to where you may need help with communication.

It will also give you a better sense as to what I do for a living. Because this is what I do, assessing corporate communications and making suggestions on how to improve, based on your goals.

Brainstorming is one of my strengths. I’ll pitch idea after idea after idea. And it won’t cost you a penny — I’ll even spring for the coffee.

(For those of you outside the Birmingham area, we can chat by phone, Skype or other video service. BYOC.)

Let’s do coffee soon. You’ll walk away with some killer ideas.

Photo: Martin Fisch (CC)

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to brainstorm strategies and tactics …

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