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Y’all Connect blogging/social media conference in 3 weeks

July 1, 2013

conference stage

You don’t have to tell me how time flies. The year is half over, and in 3 weeks, I’m holding my first conference.


Let me tell you about Y’all Connect.

Late last year, I was thinking ahead to what I wanted to accomplish in 2013. I had considered putting on a conference in previous years, but waited for others to do it instead.

It never happened.

I almost made it a social media conference, until I realized I was leaving out my one true love, blogging. I set a deadline of 6 months, to avoid procrastination.

And now, it’s almost here.

I hope you’ll join me for this daylong blogging and social media conference. It’s here in Birmingham, at the BJCC East Meeting Rooms.

I’ve put together a terrific lineup of speakers from Alabama and across the nation. My friend Ike Pigott is kicking off this inaugural event with the opening keynote.

A few of the sessions you’ll see …

  • How to Focus on Inbound Marketing Using Content + Social Media;
  • Nice Finishes First;
  • Your 30-Day Plan for Conflict Management Online;
  • Rising Above the Noise: Create Stories Millennials Can Hear.

We are focusing on corporate storytelling, giving you practical solutions on sharing your brand’s story through blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other digital channels. Don’t be the organization caught standing still as the world grows closer online.

It has been a roller coaster getting to this point, the kind of ride that loops and clacks and slows and then rushes screaming at the ground at full throttle. And then you keep riding over and over till July 23.

That’s our big day.

I hope you’ll join us for this special event. Y’all Connect will be the best digital conference of 2013!

Click the okra to find out more
about Y’all Connect …

okraPhoto: Phil Whitehouse (CC)

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