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Finding encouragement and loving it

December 10, 2012

faces of Wade

We all have our challenges and gripes and downers. Three things gave me a real boost last week, and I thought I’d share them with you.

• The first was a great writeup by my pal G. Jones on the Birmingham Public Library blog. The post shares my tips on getting the most out of Twitter. I love when people can use social media to help themselves and discover the worlds around them. Thank you, G!

(Speaking of the library, I just love the librarians! I was picking up a DVD on hold when one mentioned my workshop back in August and mentioned my services to her friend. So grateful.)

• The second was a shout out by Helena Torres on her blog Pin-Ball. She was kind enough to show off my posts on Cindy Wincek Lake’s expert Pinterest skills. Any time someone cares enough to link to my site is a real kindness. Thank you, Helena!

• The third was a chat with my friend about her surprise new job.

Wade: Holy cow, are you now at a new job?

Friend: Yep. I started yesterday. That day I messaged you they had called me and had an interview 2 days later.

Wade: Congratulations, girl!

Friend: I’m pretty excited, overwhelmed, nervous, scared. All those things.

Wade: You’re going to do great. Proud of you.

Friend: Thanks, Wade. Following what you do gave me a lot of confidence to try something new. You should know that.

Wade: Wow, that’s flattering. But never forget: YOU made it happen. You.

Friend: Thank you. It took a lot of convincing that I already was doing what a lot of jobs want. I think a lot of journalists don’t know that. I just would see what you would post and think, wait, I can do that, wait, I am doing that!

Wade: We gotta work on them. It’s their only hope.

Friend: Even as I was giving notice, my supervisor was saying, well, you should be glad you have a job. Which is all I’ve heard for years.

Wade: Sad.

Friend: I ended up making on x bucks more a year that I started 10 years ago. Kind of depressing.

Wade: This new job will be quite the change of lifestyle. 🙂 Some jobs pay a lot, some a pittance. But almost never what you’re worth. Just make sure you get something meaningful out of each one.

Friend: You need to write a book. Or at least a motivational calendar. WadeOnPaper.

Wade: 🙂 I may have a surprise for 2013 to launch in January …

Friend: That would be awesome! Can’t wait.

Thank you, Friend! You really made my day.

This year was great, and next year will be even better. I can’t wait to surprise you and work with you and learn from you.

• • •

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