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My trip to PodCamp Nashville 2012

April 16, 2012

  1. Note: Loving the opportunity to publish this post from Storify, though I now have to wonder about the potential copyright issues. Will report back.
    I had always wanted to visit a tech event in Nashville, but I’ve missed all the BarCamps and PodCamps to date (and I used to think PodCamps were about podcasting).
    Fortunately, I managed to squeeze in PodCamp Nashville 2012 on April 14, including a chance to present “How to Win Awards and Influence Readers in 439 Days and 668 Posts.”
    The weather was perfect, a beautiful day on Broadway.
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    Sat, Apr 14 2012 14:24:08
  3. The traditional venue is Tequila Cowboy (formerly Cadillac Ranch). Most of the speaking rooms were good, save for the open air second floor space, which competed with the bar’s crowd noise. Glad I didn’t have to present there.
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    Thu, Apr 12 2012 22:20:15
  5. The bar area itself (complete with Caddy overhead) is big, though attendance was down this year by at least 25 percent. I was told this made for a less crowded but comfortable event.
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    Thu, Apr 12 2012 22:20:15
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    Fri, Apr 13 2012 20:00:00
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    Fri, Apr 13 2012 20:00:00
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    Fri, Apr 13 2012 20:00:00
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    Fri, Apr 13 2012 20:00:00
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    Fri, Apr 13 2012 20:00:00
  12. Volunteers make this event happen. Daniel Weigh @jaf0, on the right, and I finally got a chance to meet after tweeting to each other before the conference.
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    Fri, Apr 13 2012 20:00:00
  14. My presentation was straightforward: Hop onstage and do my thing for 30 minutes. I’m glad I was able to attract several photogs to my 1:30 p.m. talk. 🙂

    I didn’t capture video, since I already had a good one from giving the same talk at WordCamp Birmingham.
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    Sat, Apr 14 2012 14:24:08
  16. The slides for my talk on advanced content marketing.
  17. Great tweets from the audience sum up the key points.
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    @wadeontweets #pcn12blog Blogging: Don’t have a plan, have a direction, focus and an objective. Good advice for life. God laughs at plans.
    Sat, Apr 14 2012 14:41:06
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    more diversity = more chances to succeed #pcn12blog.
    Sat, Apr 14 2012 14:49:57
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    “I think negative comments are ok because comments are love.” @WadeOnTweets #pcn12blog
    Sat, Apr 14 2012 15:00:46
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    Fri, Apr 13 2012 20:00:00
  22. Mentions of Birmingham’s excellent dining scene always pique excitement.
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    Def agree with @wadeontweets. Birmingham has awesome eating. #pcn12 blog
    Sat, Apr 14 2012 14:55:53
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    @wadeontweets #pcn12blog blog baby blog!
    Sat, Apr 14 2012 15:22:00
  25. Me in the upper left!
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    Sat, Apr 14 2012 14:24:08
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    Wed, Apr 11 2012 17:08:19
  28. Me on the right!
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    Mon, Apr 16 2012 13:43:02
  30. As you can see, super crowded. 🙂

    My joke for speaking gigs: I get paid the same whether 5 people or 500 show up.
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    Great discussion about diversity in your blog. @WadeonTweets #pcn12 #pcn12blog
    Sat, Apr 14 2012 14:59:57
  32. I missed the first two sessions, thanks to my sleeping through the 5 a.m. alarms. But I did sit in on other sessions, as well as meet some of the great folks working in the Nashville area. I hope to return to Nashville in the fall for BarCamp, one of the biggest tech events in the region.


    My post with the video of my talk from WordCamp.
  33. My Pinterest board with slides, more photos, more blog posts and other odds and ends.
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  1. April 22, 2012 9:12 pm

    Looks fun! So if it’s not about PodCasting, why IS it called PodCamp?

    • April 23, 2012 12:21 am

      Sorry, but I can’t find a reason for the name. I think it’s just a play on BarCamp, a similar unconference.


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