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Why I can’t wait for PodCamp Nashville

March 24, 2012

PodCamp Nashville, Mitch Canter

My friend Mitch Canter of Studio NashVegas is a PodCamp Nashville veteran.

I’ve been to many BarCamps and WordCamps and even summer camps and band camps, but never to a PodCamp.

PodCamp Nashville 2012 speakerThe name always confused me: I thought it was for podcasters only.

But PodCamp Nashville is coming up in April, and I’m looking forward to meeting my fellow online media professionals in an unconference setting.

What’s in it for me?

1. I’ve never been to a PodCamp. As I mentioned, I’ve been to other conferences and unconferences across the country, but never to a PodCamp. I love the unconference format, in which people make their own sessions and schedules.

Plus, it won’t be too heavy on tech, as some BarCamps can be, and it won’t be all WordPress like a WordCamp. It’s a great fit for someone like me who wants to talk about blogging and social media and yes, even podcasting.

2. It’s been too long since I’ve hit Nashville. It’ll be a short trip for me, but it’s been years since I’ve seen Music City. I love to travel, even if it’s just over the horizon. Maybe I’ll squeeze in a little time to snoop around before coming back.

3. I love meeting people. When you network for fun and for profit, meeting people is where it’s at. Be prepared to answer my three killer questions: What’s your name? What do you do? What’s the biggest challenge to face? (OK, so they’re not so tough.)

4. I love new media. Well, duh. I consult on it, I learn about it daily, and I helped create and run the Alabama Social Media Association. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s ideas and questions.

5. I love presenting and interacting. I’ll be giving a longer (hopefully) version of my talk on advanced content marketing, “How to Win Awards and Influence Readers in 439 Days and 668 Posts.” Don’t be shy: Go ahead and RSVP, since they use the head count to determine which room we’re in.

You can even watch the video of me giving the talk at WordCamp Birmingham 2012.

I hope to see you at PodCamp Nashville on April 16 at the Cadillac Ranch. Be sure to sign up for this free event right now and vote on which sessions you’ll attend.

This post is part of the PodCamp Nashville 2012 blog tour.

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