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2012? Own it! Here’s how …

December 15, 2011


It’s not too early to look ahead to 2012. How will you stand out as a brand, a business, a thought leader? By standing out, you make it easier to reach clients and customers, and for them to find you.

1. Share a tip a day. I did it this year with #DailyBlogTip on Twitter. I wrote out a month’s worth, then used the free SocialOomph site to schedule them in advance. What expertise are you hoarding that would make for easy-to-digest tips via Facebook or Twitter?

2. Own a space. Find some corner of the Internet and dominate it. Ideally, it’s your website or blog. But it could be a Facebook page. Or a Google+ page. Funny how people won’t use Google+ because they aren’t sure it’ll pan out. It may not, but for a small investment of time, you can be a brand leader on this growing channel.

3. Go big. Really, really big. I look back on all the things we accomplished through the Alabama Social Media Association in just 1 year, and I’m overwhelmed. I have a problem with focusing on the tiny mistakes and missing the really important achievements: 900-plus attendees, raising money and supplies for charity, networking with people around the world. Think big about what you want to do in 2012, plan it and go for it!

4. Be a better listener. I work on my public speaking. I work on my writing. I work on my interpersonal communication. But what I work on all the time is to become a better listener. That means shutting out distractions. That means listening to the words in the moment, without letting my thoughts wander (classic introvert). You can really stand out by engaging people one on one with a good question and then shutting up. And listening.

5. Zag, baby, zag. Sometimes, you stand out simply by distinguishing yourself in some small way. All your competitors are doing flashy campaigns, so why should you? I stand out because I like to incorporate humor in everything I do. And I stand out because I’m remarkably consistent. By the end of this year, I’ll have sent out 52 weekly newsletters, a first for me. Many companies just stop. By merely writing this newsletter, and the next one, and so on, I stand out.

How are you planning to win in 2012? Share your ideas in the comments.

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