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Blog better every day: My daily blog tips from October 2011

November 1, 2011

Daily Blog TipThroughout 2011, I share a daily blog tip via my Twitter account, @WadeOnTweets, at 7 a.m. CST.

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The tips for October, all on marketing your blog …

  1. Marketing: What is the message you share through your blog? Define it, hone it. It is the core.
  2. Marketing: Your company’s target audience determines how and where to market your blog.
  3. Marketing: Most plans require time and money. Set aside both in the budget to ensure proper execution.
  4. Marketing: Make a plan on how to market the site overall, individual posts, giveaways, other channels.
  5. Marketing: Easier to reach those who’ve already shown an interest, so make RSS/email subscriptions easy.
  6. Marketing: Easiest places to link to blog: Email signature, LinkedIn profile, Facebook and Twitter pages.
  7. Marketing: Easiest items to brand: Business cards, stickers, buttons, T-shirts, other promotional items.
  8. Marketing: Easiest ways to go viral: Work with your confederates, promoters and fire starters.
  9. Marketing: Easiest metrics to track: Unique visitors, page views, social media shares, comments.
  10. Marketing: Make sure your blog is easy to find on your company site with prominent link, latest headlines.
  11. Marketing: Having your blog show up the way you want on Google involves proper metadata “under the hood.”
  12. Marketing: Process becomes easier as your site adds content. Opportunities abound with solid foundation.
  13. Marketing: Leaving good, relevant comments on blogs is a great and organic way to lead back to your site.
  14. Marketing: Bring in readers by finding them on other sites through guest posts. Difficult, but valuable.
  15. Marketing: Harder but important metrics: calls, emails, foot traffic, sales, you know … real conversion.
  16. Marketing: Always start with good content, products and services. Why bother otherwise?
  17. Marketing: Don’t use yourself as the test subject for tactics. Your target audience perceives differently.
  18. Marketing: Your audience is bombarded by messages all day. Your challenge is to cut through the clutter.
  19. Marketing: Know your compliance, from CAN-SPAM to FTC regulations to Facebook contest rules.
  20. Marketing: Flexibility is important. As your blog evolves, as your readers evolve, so must your plan.
  21. Marketing: Don’t think about just your audience, but groups within that audience. Segment accordingly.
  22. Marketing: Experiment, measure, adjust. It applies to all things Internet, and so it applies here, too.
  23. Marketing: Email remains a best bet for consistent, measurable results. Make signup easy, and use regularly.
  24. Marketing: Your secret weapon is your personnel. They must read, write and understand the blog.
  25. Marketing: Bringing attention to your blog should show off your specialty: expertise, service, sharing.
  26. Marketing: It isn’t about what the competition is doing. It’s your brand, your site, your audience.
  27. Marketing: Calls to action: Contact us, comment, take a survey, download e-book, share post, subscribe.
  28. Marketing: Make an irresistible offer through compelling call to action, limited time, high value.
  29. Marketing: Easy: Getting people to your blog. Difficult: Getting people to *return* to your blog.
  30. Marketing: Your blog’s personality goes a long way in helping it stand out, attract readers and customers.
  31. Marketing: If your blog is invisible, fix it with high-quality marketing. Show the passion for your site.

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