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Popular posts: Tell us how you did it

May 17, 2011

My friend Rachel at Alabama Bloggers had a great idea …

beakers, by Horia Varlan“I had an idea for a discussion/post on Birmingham Blogging Academy. I’d be glad to participate in it if you chose to do it.

“The basic idea would be to have several bloggers discuss their most popular post(s) — especially ones that draw long-term hits — and analyze the question of ‘What I did right.’

“For instance, I have two posts in particular that are more popular and draw more readers/Google hits/mentions from other blogs than all of my others.

“One is very recent (so therefore it may not have long-lasting effects), and one is over 2 years old. The older one accounts for about 25 percent of all of my blog traffic ever and hundreds of daily readers that started reading my blog because of that post.

“I have ideas and theories on what I did right in these two posts (and they’re very different things for the two posts), but it’d be fascinating to get into an analytical discussion with others about their posts and my posts and share ideas, theories and thoughts on how to do more blog posts ‘right.’ ”

Are you game? Send me a note with
your most popular post and what went right.

Contact mePhoto: Horia Varlan (CC)

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