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The easiest way to start blogging

May 10, 2011

Screenshot of a Posterous site,

It’s no secret: I’m a big fan of WordPress, both self-hosted and the free It provides a great content management system and a blogging platform all in one.

But, not everyone needs it or loves it.

One platform I love because it’s so easy to use is Posterous. It’s incredibly easy to start blogging on this platform with one step.

Send an email to That’s it.

No registration. No signup. Just you and your email address. (Though if you want to edit posts, or change the styling, or add contributors, you will need to sign in eventually.)

A few tips:

  • Your email subject line is your headline.
  • An attached photo is automatically embedded; 20 attached photos becomes a slideshow.
  • A YouTube link (and other video services) posts as an embedded video.
  • An attached Microsoft Word document or PDF become embedded as a viewable, scrollable document.

Amazing, no?

Go try it. Seriously, go try it from your laptop, iPad or phone.

Why would this be a handy option?

  • Easy to start one in an emergency. Following the tornadoes, many people needed a simple way to organize relief efforts, and some used blogs and Facebook groups as clearinghouses of information.
  • A microsite. If your company or nonprofit organization has a fund-raiser or an event, it’s easy to create a site just around the event, and even a second private one for organizers.
  • A test site. Not sure if your company wants or needs a blog? Here’s a no-cost, no-training solution to try it out.
  • Preserve your vacation or your party using Posterous.

Sometimes, we overthink blogging. Fortunately, technology has made it extremely easy to start your own site nowadays.

Your blog has been set up, but now what. Let’s talk strategy,
content development and more. Contact me today.

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  1. May 12, 2011 3:09 pm

    Amen, Wade.

    Add in the Posterous ability to “route” your content to other sites, and you can run Facebook, Twitter, even a WordPress blog all from a single Posterous funnel. All by email.

    • May 12, 2011 4:20 pm

      Thanks, Ike. I tend to forget about those “notification” add-ons since I don’t use them, but they are awfully handy for bloggers/emailers.


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