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Blogging, the end game

April 13, 2011

Road ends, by Corinne Schwarz

Every book, every movie, every song has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Every blog … has at least a beginning.

But an end, the end, can be a little murky.

American TV shows can be like that. Dozens of series are launched with many coming to an abrupt, unplanned end, a k a cancellation. Some gain momentum and go on for years, and yet, that threat of cancellation always remains near. Only a lucky, lucky few move on to a planned conclusion. (Unlike the United Kingdom’s BBC, which often commissions shows for limited runs, such as the original version of “The Office.”)

Thousands and millions of blogs are launched, and many come to an abrupt end. You can trace it back in each one, often by seeing an occasional in the waning days, but more frequent posts the further back you dig.

Is that how your blog will end, burning out and then fading away?

How else could it end?

How could your company blog end?

Think carefully. Envisioning a successful end, or outcome, for your business blog is the first step in making it happen.

Photo: Corinne Schwarz (CC)

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