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What does it mean to be the Best Tweeter in town?

October 7, 2010

I’m not a fan of popularity contests.

Best of BhamI won a popularity contest.

So I’m torn.

As you know, what is popular is not always good, and what is good is not always what is popular. In either case, the kind readers of Birmingham Magazine selected me as Best Tweeter in the 2010 Best of B’ham online poll.

I am grateful for the honor. And embarrassed by the attention.

Here’s what the magazine said:

Best of Bham

Best Tweeter

Communications consultant Wade Kwon ( has Birminghamians hanging on his every word—or at least, that’s what the voters in this survey and his 2,200-plus Twitter followers indicate. Kwon’s tweets are a mix of haikus, local and media news and analysis. But with Kwon it’s about more than information—it’s conversation. RUNNERS UP: John-Bryan Hopkins, Foodimentary (, Kyle Whitmire, Second Front (

What does it mean to be the Best Tweeter in town? If you make the best burger, that’s tangible. It’s right there on your plate. People like your beef, your method of preparation and your toppings better than anyone else’s.

But tweets … My compact digital graffiti is slightly more tolerable than those of others? A little silly. Especially if you ask those who aren’t on Twitter, those who want nothing to do with it.

How I use Twitter makes a difference. I use it as a conversation starter and a promotional tool. It’s obvious in the responses I make to people and the things I share.

It’s easy to talk to people on this channel, even strangers and detractors. I’m usually more talkative in social media than in real life. And it’s easy to listen to people on this channel. I can tune in and even ask probing questions.

Most of the things I promote aren’t mine. A few are. All are screened by me to ensure value. I don’t want to waste your time with junk: The Internet and real life already have a sufficient amount of garbage clogging the pipes.

That’s what I bring to the table. Conversation and useful information.

And I package it. Good, tight writing sells it.

Best Tweeter? I didn’t campaign for it (not sure I ever even tweeted about the poll), but I’m grateful for the recognition. If it pulls in a few more clients, great. If it makes me a more interesting person, all the better.

I summed it up in a tweet a few months back …


“When I say you’re good at tweeting, I really mean you’re good at writing and sharing.”

Good? Maybe. Getting there? Definitely.


• • •

Follow me on Twitter at @WadeOnTweets.

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