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Fix Your Facebook – notes and more

May 12, 2010

Notes from my “Fix Your Facebook” seminar at Innovation Depot.

Possible problems with your company’s Facebook page

  • It’s lost among the millions of other pages.
  • Your fan page became the goal rather than the channel.
  • Your fan page is focused on you and not your fans.


  • Know your place in the Facebook universe.
    • Post regular status updates.
    • Market your Facebook page.
    • Let’s have conversations about _______ .
  • Know your goal.
    • Fans?
    • Site traffic?
    • Research?
    • Sales?
    • Promotions?
    • Customer service?
    • Our goal on Facebook is to _______ .
  • Know your fans
    • How can you solve a problem for them?
    • Listen to their complaint?
    • Brighten their day?

Bonus tips

  • At 25+ fans, set your page’s vanity URL at
  • That little box in the upper left helps your SEO.
  • Use @mentions to highlight fans, sneak onto their walls.
  • Your age restrictions determine your visibility on Google and to non-Facebook users.
  • You can link to specific tabs on your fan page, even create a custom landing tab.


(More to be added.)

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More tips for Facebook.

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