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How do I handle two topics for best site SEO?

March 2, 2010

Before our March 6 class, “How to Reach Your Traffic Goals with Search Engine Optimization (SEO),” we’ve asked you for your SEO questions to answer on the blog.

Trav at head:subhead asks: “My blog bounces between two main topics: digital publishing and book events in Birmingham. But both have books at the core.

“Are these two areas too diverse to be on the same site? Am I diluting any SEO-friendly content? Should I have two separate sites?”

head subhead

Instructor Jen Barnett responds:

Looking at your blog, a more important question to me: Is your blog for authors, for book industry professionals or for readers? Which are you?

Your tagline says “all things book,” but that seems like it would take more than one person — even if you’re glued to your keyboard — to cover all things book.

You have two main but divergent strategies:

  1. Actually become all things book, and divide your site into subcategories for authors, readers, bookstores, literary events and signings, digital books and technology and so on. This would be a huge project but could be super-profitable. Your SEO strategy would include keywords for everything to do with books. (You’d probably need more writers).
  2. Divide into two blogs, like you suggested. Digital publishing is a global topic for authors, developers and the book industry. Book events is a blog for local folks who love to read.

Fine-tune your content strategy, and SEO will come naturally.

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