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Our social media resolutions for 2010

January 4, 2010

A new year, a new set of resolutions.

Social media in 2010 should continue to expand rapidly, giving people a chance to share professionally and personally across multiple channels. But what do you want to get out of it? What do I want to accomplish?

In December, I asked people via Twitter and Facebook on their social media resolutions for 2010. Many of you responded, and I’ve included your answers below. Thanks to everyone who responded.

For me, my top social media resolution is to innovate with clients on best practices for their engagement and marketing with customers. We’re going to be bold, measure carefully and make some money.

Also, I’m going to continue my daily blogging to see how fast I can grow my sites in terms of traffic. I’ll also continue to use them as testing areas for ideas, content and sponsorship.

It’s going to be a fun and fascinating year in social media!

These are your resolutions below. If you want to add your own, please leave a comment.

• • •

“I resolve to use social media to provide value to the community; to foster relationships with those in my community and to learn more about my niche and other areas of interest.”

Josh Andrews, attorney, The Outsourced Associate, @jaandrews, Birmingham

• • •

“Create social media profiles that communicate with visitors based on individual interests, not just corporate broadcasts.”

Jen Barnett, online managing editor,, @VisitSouth, Birmingham

• • •

“I canceled my Twitter account (which I was no good at updating) and MySpace account (which I never logged onto). I’m also resolving to defriend a few people who irritate me or who I’ve never seen in person. Life’s too short to be irritated by Facebook friends.”

Amy Bickers, magazine editor, Birmingham

• • •

“Get more books read for more reviews on my blog. Plus, see if I can connect people who might be able to help each other.”

Lori Salter Brown, Birmingham

• • •

“I will start paying attention to effective usage of social media by those who may use it to try to snag me as a consumer, customer, donor, patron, member, etc. Not seeing much of that being done well to this point in my personal experiences.”

Kellye Copas, direct mail project manager, Health Resources, Decatur

• • •

“To post more blog posts, use it to help others with computer issues, and at the same time, learn to use the English language better.”

Jason Esman, Zero / Love, @Zerolove, Birmingham

• • •

“Launching extensive social media strategies for the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail and its Resort Collection. The hotels, spas and restaurants have made great progress since Social South. The golf sites are next.

“We were all a bit apprehensive at first and sent 10 people to Social South. Now we have a great team working on this and have made presentations to the hotel and golf execs to much praise.

“Social media is not a fad, it is a way to stay connected with our current and potential customers. It is good business sense and is a priority for 2010. We are focusing initially on Facebook and Twitter.”

Bill Lang, director of public relations, Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, Birmingham

• • •

“Personally: Have more fun with the medium(s), and try to extend my immature wit to a broader fan base.

“Professionally: Find more focused use of social media for my clients to achieve their ROI.”

Justice Mitchell,, @justicemitchell, Orlando

• • •

“To turn three online friendships into offline friendships.”

Tatiana Richards, magazine marketing coordinator, Birmingham

• • •

“More, more, more relevant tweets, updates and posts.”

Dave Sharp, news designer/TV blogger, TV news, @davesharpontv

Photo by wili / CC BY 2.0

• • •

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