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Speaking gigs: WordCamp Atlanta, January 2010

December 18, 2009

I'm speaking at WordCamp Atlanta!I’m excited to announce that I’m a featured speaker at the first ever WordCamp Atlanta!

Talk about hitting 2010 at full speed.

The event takes place Jan. 8-9 on the Georgia Tech campus. My session on Jan. 9 will be “Smash Your Barriers to Blogging.” (I’m about 99 percent sure this is the final title, though I’ve been wrong before.)

Birmingham will be well represented, as my pals Sara Cannon and Tammy Hart are also featured speakers.

My session summary:

WordCamps can be a great way for beginners and veterans to learn more about WordPress, blogging and content management. But even the best sessions leave questions unanswered.

Wade Kwon, a veteran of social media conferences and a passionate teacher, will lead an open discussion on burning questions within the WordPress and blogging community. It’ll be fun, fast-paced and full of ideas for everyone to implement right away.

That’s because the answers won’t be coming just from him, but from everyone who attends.

  • How do I keep blogging on a busy schedule?
  • How do I monetize my blog?
  • What are simple ways to increase traffic to my site?
  • What is an easier way to do ____ with WordPress?

My session will run 45 minutes and is open to all attendees of any skill level.

A WordCamp is an excellent way to learn about blogging, content management and WordPress while networking with the best and brightest. Plus, it’s only $45 for the 2-day event.

Bonus: WordCamp Atlanta co-organizer Brandon Sheats talks with Gravity Free Radio! about the event in this podcast (first segment).

Are you going to WordCamp Atlanta? I hope to see you there.

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