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Video: Social media and hospitality industry (and a shout out)

November 20, 2009

Video: Craig talks about his ideas for
social media and the hospitality industry

Quickest way to get mentioned on a blog, or at least, this blog? Straight-up shout outs.

Some guy named Craig contacted me and a couple other Twitterers to pick our brains about social media for business. It didn’t hurt that he was:

  1. persistent (sometimes it takes more than one e-mail or tweet to get my attention);
  2. mentioning me by name (see video above at 3:55);
  3. offering a free breakfast (I can be bought).

He has ideas for his own social media education, his career path and his company.

And that breakfast discussion was a lot of fun. Naturally, I want to be in front of new faces as much as possible and hear what the needs are in the business community.

You can follow Craig on Twitter at @cjswine.

Folks, don’t be shy: Send your questions or talk with me on Twitter at @WadeOnTweets.

• • •

Learn more in our upcoming classes on
Twitter and social networking.

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