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Invisible e-mails

November 11, 2009

Mistakes are great teachers. I learned a lot in the last few days.

Last week, I fiddled (the technical term) with the domain settings for this site to tidy up the links. What I didn’t realize is that I managed to disconnect the mail[at] address in the process.


So from Friday, Nov. 6, through Tuesday, Nov. 10, I received no e-mail at that address. Bounced messages and other alerts would have made me aware of the problem sooner, but an absence of e-mail (and I check quite a few accounts) is hard for me to see.

I apologize if you tried to contact me via e-mail during that period.

(I even missed a meeting because of the e-mail glitch.)

That address is up and running now, along with a backup account. So if I have another failure, I should be able to figure it out sooner.

Feel free to re-send any e-mails from that period, just in case. I don’t mind duplicates.

And also feel free to contact me with a blog comment if for some reason you have trouble reaching me via e-mail.

(Later, I’ll tell you about how I screwed up my personal Facebook page for 4 days without me noticing.)

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