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I’d rather spend a day blogging

August 25, 2009

On any given workday, I’d rather spend it blogging. Not because I have a lot of blogs to maintain (I do), but because it fulfills me in many ways.

For one, it’s a bit of an ego boost. I wrote that. And people will often read it, sometimes leaving a comment to ask a question or make a joke. To me, that’s fun.

And I like to share information. Today, I’ve been writing about Birmingham politics and Election Day. Tomorrow, who knows? (Well, maybe I do …)

And I’m pretty fast, which I need to be given the many things competing for my time.

But when you’re good at blogging, really really good, you start to pick up perks, such as being on the radio or landing a speaking gig or meeting really interesting people (online and offline). They’ll share tips and gossip and smart insights, and they’ll want you to take it and publish it and use it.

In an information economy, they’re making you rich, nugget by nugget.

I teach people from all walks of life as often as possible. I start out with about a hundred questions, but it gives me an idea of what you actually want to get out of a Web site.

You can do it, too. Trust me. I met with a friend at office hours last week who never dreamed she’d be blogging and writing and starting a second site in just 6 months. But I knew. And my eyes light up when someone else gets it. When they take what they’ve learned and practiced and go further than originally imagined.

That, my friends, is a great way to spend a day.

(I just wish the days had more hours in them!)

Want to get started? Take a class this Saturday

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