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5 reasons I’m attending Social South

August 19, 2009

Social SouthSocial South will be huge. I mean, mega. It’s a social media conference right here in Birmingham on Friday and Saturday, and if you or your business want to learn from the very best, I suggest you sign up today.

(Tickets are $199, $99 for students, but if you contact me on Thursday, I’ll send you a discount code for $30 off.)

Why should you go? What’s in it for you?

  1. All my friends will be there. And by friends, I mean old friends, friends I’ve yet to meet, colleagues, coffee buddies and tweetup pals.
  2. Ask your questions and get answers. No more vague over-your-head pie-in-the-sky answers, but concrete examples and strategies for your organization.
  3. It’s all about the social. You know how many conferences I’ve attended that were dull dull dull? Not this one. I’m having fun while learning and debating. You should come, too.
  4. Get to know the experts one on one. I can vouch for many of these speakers personally, having learned from them and worked with them. They’re friendly and smart. Chat with them this weekend and you’ll agree.
  5. By Sunday, you’ll have 100 new ideas. The only question will be: Which ones will you do first?


Remember, Social South on Friday and Saturday.
Contact me for a discount.
I’ll see you there.

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