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May 27, 2009

Our latest testimonials …

We had two lunchtime intermediate classes this week. Today’s class was “Using Twitter for Dynamic Market Research.”


“@WadeOnTweets Really enjoyed class today! Thanks for your time and expertise. We sincerely appreciate it!”
— May 27, 2009 [link to tweet]

Amy Dabbs
Web writer/marketer

• • •

And from an evaluation form:

“Great info, easy-to-understand presentation.”
— May 27, 2009

Media relations coordinator

• • •

Tuesday’s class was “Writing Killer Blog Posts.”


“Headin back to work! Just learned about how to write killer blog posts! Thanks @wadeontweets
— May 26, 2009 [link to tweet]

Josh Grenon
Senior IT analyst, El Paso Corporation

• • •


“learned a whole lot from @wadeontweets at the Birmingham Blogging Academy”
— May 26, 2009 [link to tweet]

“Wade does an excellent job in framing his class and helping you get out of it what you desire.”
— blog post: How Can We Improve The Progressive Electorate?

Martin Weinberg
Attorney/owner, Martin Weinberg P.C.
The Progressive Electorate

• • •


“@WadeOnTweets Excellent class today. Thanks! I’ve already started using what I learned.”
— May 26, 2009 [link to tweet]

Kevin Washburn
Clerestory Learning

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