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BarCampBirmingham by the numbers

April 29, 2009

BarCampBirmingham3 takes place on Saturday. I’ve been a big BarCamp fan since it started and sadly missed the first outing in Birmingham.

It’s a conference we put on, we being you and me and everyone else. You show up, you sign in, you pick your favorite presentations on the schedule, you go and learn. Throw in some networking, free food, lots of fun, and that’s BarCamp!

To show you just how big it’s going to be, let’s take a look at BarCamp by the numbers …

60-second introduction. Video. Me. Watch.

24 sponsors, from Birmingham Startup to VM Technologies.
We couldn’t do it without these generous supporters.

110 signed up. We had 60 to 70 attend in 2008. We want 150.
See who’s going and sign up yourself.

7 hours. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.
Plenty of time to learn a skill, make a presentation, greet a friend, befriend a stranger.

8 rules of BarCamp. Examples: You talk about BarCamp. You blog about it. You participate.

3 events. In addition to Saturday’s daylong conference, we have two parties:

  • 8 p.m. Friday, Jim ’N Nick’s, Five Points South [register]
  • 7 p.m. Saturday, Shift Workspace, downtown [register]

Meet your fellow campers in an informal setting.

0 cost to you. That’s right: All this is free. The BarCamp, the parties, the lunch.
Thank our incredible sponsors (see above).

40 proposed sessions. See what campers have already offered for seminar topics
(and what they want to learn).

Plus, I’ll throw out more idea I’d like to do as a presentation:

Blog Your Way to Vegas … for Free

Interested? You gotta be there. 9 a.m. Saturday, Innovation Depot. Register today.

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