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Social Media Marketing — your reviews and ratings

April 8, 2009

At the end of March, I gave an hourlong presentation on “Getting Started in Low-Cost, No-Cost Social Media Marketing” for the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The organizer was kind enough to share the feedback from the evaluation forms. I’ve included all of it below.

How would you rate this presentation?

Rating (5=best)
1 2 3 4 5
Number of responses 0 0 4 8 24

(That’s an average score of 4.56 out of 5.)

What topic in this session was most helpful to your business and why?

  • “Information that was useful. I will start a blog.”
  • “The pros and cons were the most helpful from the session.”
  • “Kwon, good information.”
  • “The cons of social media were the most helpful of the session.”
  • “The general overview of the topic was helpful.”
  • “Mr. Kwon was very informative in this topic and it helps.”
  • “Informative and well-presented.”
  • “Kwon – Great!! Gave me ideas on how to promote my organization in a credible way without spending a lot of money.”
  • “All his information was helpful.”
  • “Helpful because it showed how to use the main four forms of social media for my company.”
  • “All of his topics were very helpful.”
  • “Clarified some issues I need to pursue.”
  • “Helpful because he covered all of it.”
  • “Pros and cons were helpful.”
  • “Helpful because we’re a small business and just starting to look at social media.”
  • “Helpful because we are just moving into social media.”
  • “Liked the pros and cons of different social media outlets.”
  • “Importance of putting together a plan in how/why to use social networking tools.”

Let me help you with your blogging. Enroll today.

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