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Fun with branding

April 5, 2009

We’ve been having fun getting the word out about the Birmingham Blogging Academy.

We started with business cards, because we like sticking them in fish bowls for free lunches. Oh, and handing out to networking contacts. You know, the standard fare.

Thanks to Alabama Press for printing these cards for free.

Birmingham Blogging Academy business card

Of course, since we’re a school, we had to have those obnoxious “My child is an honor student at Acme Elementary” bumper stickers.

Fortunately, Emily at Vulcan’s Muse came up with a far superior idea. Thanks to her for the excellent graphic design work.

Birmingham Blogging Academy bumper sticker

Next up: We hack those gaudy I-65 electronic billboards. And sponsor the next City Stages. And free balloons for the kiddies.

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