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Twitter pet peeves, 2012 edition

June 18, 2012

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Ah, Twitter. The free communication tool that can’t monetize itself or iron out all the bugs. I love it, and yet …

I’m going to limit myself to three Twitter pet peeves (though I want to hear yours).

  1. The unfollow bug. It’s been happening for months, possibly years: Users discover followers disconnecting from them. But not on purpose — it’s some kind of bug. Twitter admitted as much in March, but I’ll be damned if I can’t find an update.
  2. Scheduler error. Tweetdeck (now owned by Twitter, sigh) displays this message whenever users try to schedule tweets. The one problem that will drive loyal users like me to Hootsuite. Even worse? Trying to report the problem to Support and getting the run-around, even though this problem affects thousands of Web and app users.
  3. Spam tweets and DMs. An ongoing problem. Facebook has managed to eradicate most spammers, but on Twitter, they continue to thrive. I probably report five accounts a day.

It appears this company is squeezed in terms of trying to roll out features while also trying to fix the broken aspects.

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What are your Twitter pet peeves? Sound off in the comments.

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